Turn food vending around with the World's most popular food merchandiser. Drive revenue and increase fresh food growth opportunity with Shooper's merchandising capabilities.

Our Features

High Visibility Shopper

lets customers buy with their eyes, promoting product sales.

5" High Shelves

allowing full product view.

Prefer Max Function

automatically returns the drum to the view with the most product for sale.

5 Zone Partitions

provides excellent merchandising alternatives.

Two-way Rotation

speeds shopping time, quicker selection, more sales.

Side-of-drum Storage Area

is refreigerated for extra food and beverage items.


High Efficiency, 1/2 HP refrigeration system, with best air distribution system is the industry.

Easy Servicing

Refrigeration unit can be easily serviced from the front of the machine.

and more...

Prevents vend door from being reopened at a previously vendd position. Data memory records the times for power off and main cabinet door openings.
Cabinet temperature reading can be conveniently read from front message display without opening the door.
Enhanced price mode allows easy set up by level, tray or selection (up to 225 price settings in all, ranging from 5 cents to $325.00).