Merchant Combo

Attract new consumers with integrated cashless, vibrant touch screen display, shopping cart purchasing, nutritional display and brand promotions.

Custom Graphics Available.

Our Features

Color Display

Pick from two stunning user interfaces to grab consumer's attention.

Integrated Cashless

Built in and intuitive cashless solution helps capture every sale.

Largest Variety

Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with the largest number of selctions in the industry.

Shopping Cart

Enables multi-product purchases in one, simple transaction. Consumers can pay before or after selection.

Nutritional Information

Supports FDA nutritional requirements with easy-to-read facts for making better choices.

Digital Advertising

Display advertisements and interactive promotions that encourage multiple sales, while building brand loyalty.

Intelligent Store

MEDIA offers over-the-air delivery of software updates, screen messaging, planogram and price changes, as well as performance monitoring with intelligent Store.

and more...

Modern Design attracts consumers with Custom Graphics and Screen Messaging.
Color Touchscreen and compelling Digital Advertising drive consumer engagement.
Shopping Cart feature and Integrated Payment Systems deliver 41% more sales that machines with just cashless.